Leather sofas make a beautiful addition to many room designs, but also require a little more loving than fabric furniture.

Leather Gallery has outlined how to clean and maintain your leather lounge suite or sofa.

Giving your sofa a gentle weekly hoover will help remove stubborn dust and debris. Make sure that you use a soft attachment and a low setting to avoid any accidental damage.

Once the dust has been removed, use cleaners designed for leather. Detergents, solvents, all-purpose cleaning sprays, bleach, and furniture polish can all be harmful to leather furniture. Do not apply these products in an attempt to clean your leather sofa and remove stains.

Rather, keep a leather-specific cleaner on hand for occasional cleaning and emergencies. Cleaning up a spill or a mess quickly can save your leather sofa.


Additionally, try placing your sofa in a well shaded part of your home as direct sunlight plays a role in the fading and aging of your sofa before its time. This will help your leather sofa preserve its youthful looks for longer.

It’s also a good idea to change things up. We all have our favourite spot on our leather couches, but it’s advised that you rotate your seating. This way, no one area is exposed to more wear and tear than any other. 

As reliable and hard-wearing as your leather sofa already is, some TLC will help you keep your sofa in mint condition.

You can visit a Leather Gallery store today for more assistance on finding the perfect new sofa for your home. You can also explore the online store, which offers layby plans to help you afford a quality suite.

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