Is BET a “Hot Ghetto Mess?”


Allow Me to start this out rant by making two confessions:

Inch. Growing up, I saw so much BET that one would presume that it had been besides my schoolyear curriculum (like summer school!)

2. From the last 5 or 4 years I have found BET really debilitating and just about excruciating to watch.

BET aka Entertainment Television, akbsa (also known by a few as) Black Exploitation Television has received much criticism over time for its negative and stereotypical portrayal of black folks in its own programming. The network’s harshest critics think that BET is still a co on network. Most moderate critics (like myself) simply believe the cable network should produce or broadcast more balanced programming; the system doesn’t endeavor enough diverse graphics, experiences and viewpoints of African life.

BET basically features a standing for”dumbing-down” its audience with nearly all its programming revolving around Hip-Hop/R&B music videos. The cable system has been vilified for embracing and glorifying misogynist attitudes, materialism and violence displayed in Hip-Hop music videos while penalizing or down right ignoring”major” and serious problems that exist inside the black community.

BET has responded to the criticism and is introducing a new lineup of diverse programming in 2013. BET is being released with its original original sitcom of a group of college graduates hoping to figure out what direction to go with the rest in their lives. There is an animated scifi show titled”Cipha” set from the future where Hip-Hop is made by Will Smith’s over-look Entertainment. There is a reality series titled,”Baldwin Hills” of a group of school-age teenagers growing up in a rich black Los Angeles suburb.

And look out for a series that will unite music music together using an American Idol concept.

These are simply a couple of suggests that reveal BET’s devotion to airing more favorable and diverse programming. But…

Uhoh! This comes the lightning rod…

“Hot Ghetto Mess”!

From what I’ve read,”Hot Ghetto Mess” is a 6-episode series hosted by comedian Charlie Murphy, which combines user-submitted home videos and man-on-the-street interviews produced by BET that the system claims are intended to provide inspiration for viewers to improve themselves and their communities…

However, before most of us gather to protest at front of BET’s offices, then maybe it is going to be a good strategy to actually see the series. Personally, I think BET is on the perfect path based on the programming which I mentioned earlier. Being someone that infrequently watches BET anymore, I am interested in several of the programming being exhibited now and the ones forthcoming. Jam Donaldson, the founder of the website (that your Hot Ghetto Mess show is predicated on) says people is going to soon be”pleasantly surprised” by the content and conversation about the show.

You know everything? I will take her word for this!

I presume BET deserves the benefit of the doubt considering that of the additional networks (besides television One) fails, marginalizes us or ignores us completely. I don’t expect you’ll savor every show that happens BET. I, as I know so many others, only wish to see more inspirational and positive images. Black people have such a wealthy and revered cultural heritage and even within this hiphop dominated creation, there’s more to black entertainment than just beats, rhymes, hips, butts and thighs.

BET should be held answerable for the messages and images it puts forward in its programming. But at the same time, critics needs to be fully aware and fully acknowledge that BET is no longer black-owned but now a white corporate-owned entity having its bottomline being its own weakest (Money, Money, Money!) And while the cable system should be held accountable to this content it broadcasts into its audiences (lots of those being young and impressionable) it should not be filled with the responsibility to raise our kids.

“Hot Ghetto Mess” may turn out to be each of the things which the critics are claiming it to become. It might even prove to be worst! If that’s the case, the results wouldn’t be surprise to anybody who has watched or”covered” BET throughout recent years. But maybe, just maybe, Hot Ghetto Mess can be a series which allows us to witness the dysfunctional elements which is present inside our community, laugh , talk about it and then move on without feelings of embarrassment or shame.

I’m anticipating the new season on BET along with my wife and I are getting to sit in our family space, on our economical leather sofa, facing the tv screen, using open heads, ready for daily amounts of a great ol'”edutainment” from the cable network I like to call Black”Expectations” Video…

As I see the now highly anticipated introduction of Hot Ghetto Mess, I fully plan to keep the TV remote in my own righthand in the event the series is wack along with my spouse and I have to make an instant”exit” to the sweet sounds of VH-1 Soul and promo chick with the afro!

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